chinese space station failed before its expiry date:#tiangong1


#tiangong1 is first space lab or station which launched by chinese space department. before six months, some of the scientist suspects, chinese station is  behaving uncontrollable right now. they said it may hit any time on earth any where. Even, after many sceintist review, china not accepted or refused till yesterday

chinese acknowledged today:

today china accepted failure of  #tiangong1. they said, it can’t b3627ce1500000578-3684198-image-a-2_1468228472387e predicted… where it will make crash in the earth. even they can’t predict when it will happen. they simply said this won’t happen this may happen starting of 2017. this is shows , china only mastered in making duplicates. it not upgraded itself asper technical and quality wise. It shows even there is the no quality and technical improvement in even it;s own space equipments.

experts said, full lab wont make crash. because many of the pars will be burned, while reentry to entry trough atmosphere .



  1. […]  It will also probably be the actual launch date. The launch window extends to September 20, but China has no good reason to delay the launch of Tiangong any later than necessary. There seem to be no technical reasons that would prevent it from launching at the first chance. chinese space station failed before its expiry date:#tiangong1 […]