[NEWS] France’s Macron says no-deal Brexit would be Britain’s fault – Loganspace AI

[NEWS] France’s Macron says no-deal Brexit would be Britain’s fault – Loganspace AI

PARIS (Reuters) – French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday said a no-deal Brexit would be of Britain’s maintain making and not the European Union’s, alongside side that any alternate pact London minimize with Washington would not mitigate the worth of leaving the bloc with out a deal.

FILE PHOTO: French President Emmanuel Macron attends a assembly with Russian President Vladimir Putin at Citadel Bregancon shut to the village of Bormes-les-Mimosas, France August 19, 2019. Sputnik/Alexei Druzhinin/Kremlin by job of REUTERS

The French leader said the demands made by British High Minister Boris Johnson for a renegotiation of the divorce deal, alongside side the removal of the Irish backstop, were not workable.

He spoke to newshounds in Paris as German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin gave Johnson 30 days to contrivance up an more than a few technique to the backstop, an insurance protection protection to complete the return of a not easy border between Britain’s province of Northern Ireland and EU-member Ireland.

“Can the worth for Britain of a not easy Brexit – on narrative of Britain could be the principle victim – be offset by the United States of The United States? No. And even though it were a strategic preference it can well be at the worth of a historic vassalisation of Britain,” he said.

“I don’t assume right here is what Boris Johnson wants. I don’t assume it is what the British folks want.”

Earlier on Wednesday, an decent in Macron’s spot of business said France now noticed a no-deal as the almost definitely set aside approach Britain’s Oct. 31 time restrict and that there became not a “cigarette paper” standing between the positions of France, Germany and totally different EU states.

“The British are hooked as much as being a grand vitality, a member of the Security Council. The purpose can’t be to exit Europe and convey ‘we’ll be stronger’, earlier than within the tip, turning into the junior partner of the United States, which are appearing extra and extra hegemonically,” Macron added.

Macron said he noticed no reason to grant a additional delay to Brexit except there became a first-rate political commerce in Britain, equivalent to an election or a unusual referendum. French officials convey if Britain requested an extension in expose to withhold a unusual election, the EU would possibly grant it.

Talking of the likelihood of a no-deal Brexit, Macron said: “That is doubtless to be Britain’s doing, continuously.”

The French decent cited earlier said that a no-deal Brexit would not capture Britain’s obligation to pay its exit bill to the EU. “There isn’t a magic world by which the bill not exists,” the decent said.


Sticking to his old not easy line on Brexit, Macron said he would not settle for renegotiating the Withdrawal Settlement agreed between Johnson’s predecessor and the bloc, and shedding the backstop.

“Why won’t we settle for it? It’s straightforward: on narrative of what Boris Johnson suggests in his letter to President (Donald) Tusk is … to chose between the integrity of the one market and respecting the Upright Friday Settlement.”

“We won’t chose between the 2. We won’t jeopardise peace in Ireland, that is doubtless to be one of many penalties of shedding the so-known as backstop,” he said.

Ireland says exams would possibly well well undermine the 1998 Upright Friday Settlement, which brought peace after extra than 3,600 died in a 3-decade battle between unionists who wished Northern Ireland to remain British and Irish nationalists who want Northern Ireland to hitch a united Ireland dominated from Dublin.

“And we isn’t going to settle for that Europe turns into a sieve, that there shall be no extra exams at the border … upright on narrative of Mr Johnson doesn’t enjoy (the backstop),” Macron added.

The French leader, who could be web hosting Johnson for lunch on Thursday, said he expected the British prime minister to “define” his stance.

“We’ll dangle to define many things. I assume that, at this stage, what became articulated aloof remains too imprecise.”

Reporting by Michel Rose; Writing by Richard Lough; Editing by Mathieu Rosemain, William Maclean and Alison Williams