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The U.S. Air Force has awarded the Southwest Research Institute a $9,423,767 contract for research and development, the Department of Defense announced Monday.
The contract marks the second phase of a three-phase program aiming to improve the Air Force’s ability to detect and geolocate high frequency emitters. The first phase examined the technological innovations needed, which included exploring antenna concepts, signal detection, and the ability to detect the dynamic state of the ionosphere.
The second phase moves the program into system integration of the innovations, which will be followed by a non-real-time field test. Real-time testing will begin during Phase 3.
Southwest Research Institute is an independent non-profit research and development organization based in San Antonio, Texas, and is staffed by almost 2,800 people. The organization specializes in the creation and transfer of engineering technology. Other work includes emissions certification testing and space science.
Their contract with the Air Force is expected to be completed by September 27, 2018.