[Science] Hormone treatment may help prevent miscarriages in some pregnancies – AI


EMS-FORSTER-PRODUCTIONS/GettyBy New Scientist staff and Association The hormone progesterone may help prevent women from having a second miscarriage, according to a study involving more than 4100 pregnant women. The study tested the hormone as a treatment for women who were experiencing bleeding during early pregnancy. Around half the women were given progesterone as a vaginal pessary twice a day, while the rest were given a placebo instead. Advertisement The treatment didn’t appear to help all the women, but it did seem to have an effect in those who had previously had a miscarriage. In women who’d had one or two miscarriages, 76 per cent of those given progesterone went on to have a live birth, compared with 72 per cent of the placebo group. Read more: Women have more miscarriages than live births over their lifetime Among women who’d had three or more miscarriages, 72 per cent of those given progesterone went on to have a live birth, compared with 52 per cent of the placebo group. “Our finding that women who are at risk of a miscarriage because of current pregnancy bleeding and a of a previous miscarriage could benefit from progesterone treatment has huge implications,” says Arri Coomarasamy at the University of Birmingham, . “We hope that this evidence will be used to update national guidelines for women at risk of miscarriage.” Journal reference: New England Journal of Medicine Read more: Prenatal test spots genetic anomalies linked to miscarriage More on these topics: pregnancy and birth