[NEWS] Blue Moon Brewing is capitalizing on Bezos’ news with a lunar lander keg – Loganspace


Every so customarily, a huge company manages to play the cycle staunch good. Typically such things aren’t instantaneous and can barely with out issues backfire, however the MillerCoors-owned Blue Moon Brewery would have confidence been foolish no longer to have confidence capitalized on the outdated day’s gigantic announcement from Jeff Bezos’s Blue Beginning put.

The firm fired off a foolish tweet the outdated day and doubling down with the announcement of a puny version keg “inspired” by the newly Blue Moon lunar lander. It’s position for a start in July, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon touchdown.

As for what this could perhaps come across treasure — the above is clearly staunch a mock-up. One assumes Bezos and co. will select to play along if the ingredient goes to search out treasure Blue Beginning put’s mannequin, with a couple of faucets up top. Pricing, availability and all that staunch stuff will be arriving closer to its July 20 start. The steady ingredient, within the period in-between, isn’t position to intention until 2024, coinciding with Vice President Mike Pence’s acknowledged dreams for a U.S. return to the lunar surface.

Within the intervening , you have to come across the chunky unveiling here: